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This woman was buried alive, but the Apple Watch saved her

The Apple Watch did manage to prove itself as a real lifesaver. Users in recent years discovered heart problems, serious ailments or were saved after a serious accident. Although one story is now surfacing that pushes all other events into the background.

An American woman from the city of Seattle was, in fact, buried alive. It is that she was wearing her Apple Watch, otherwise the ending of the story would not have been very good.

Woman buried alive, but Apple Watch is the salvation

It feels a little strange to take a story like this and focus on the Apple Watch. Yet it shows that the smartwatch is more than just a smart watch. It is an absolute lifesaver for a lot of people, and this story proves it again.

A woman has been pulled out alive from under the ground in the American city of Seattle. After a completely out of control divorce, her ex tried to attack the woman. She then tried to call the emergency services for the first time, but unfortunately without success.

Apple Watch Series 8 review⌚ (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

The second time it did hit, but the woman called from a completely bizarre situation. She was tied up underground and had no way to call emergency services with her iPhone. Fortunately for her, she did have an Apple Watch on her wrist, with which the attempt to reach the emergency number did succeed.

Eventually, emergency services arrived at the right place and the American woman was pulled out from under the ground, without too many injuries.

The power of the smartwatch

While many people only see the ability to count steps or receive even more notifications, this story proves once again what an Apple Watch can do for your health.

In addition to measuring your heart rate, recording a fall or tracking sleep, this is also the device that makes it incredibly easy to call emergency services.

Something that just might save your life one day.

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