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TikTok all tapped out from negativity, intervenes with new feature

Many social media outlets don’t want to think about it, but TikTok is now investing in it: a dislike (or dislike) button for specific items. This is a test for now, but you may already encounter it as a user. With the button you can express your dissatisfaction with the expressions of another person on the platform.

YouTube virtually removes the button under videos and Twitter doesn’t even offer the button: the dislike button, with which you can express your dislike. TikTok does not care, because the company is investing in this button. With that button you can give the comments of other users a specific rating.

TikTok tests dislike button

The company confirms this in a recently published guidelines article on its own website. Users can mark certain comments as “irrelevant and inappropriate”, without the dislike being visible to others. Earlier this year, several versions of the dislike button already surfaced.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

TikTok is testing a ‘Dislike’ button for comments pic.twitter.com/Pv8anV5fDh

– Matt Navarre (@MattNavarre) January 27, 2022

With the dislike button, TikTok aims to create a safe environment for all users. This measure does not replace any other measures and is therefore in addition to the other options available to the company. Furthermore, for some time now it has been possible for users to dislike a video, to indicate that they are not interested in that content.

The company wants to help videographers

In addition, TikTok sends reminders to videographers about the options they have when they receive a lot of negative comments. In this way, the company wants to help these people (because then they will continue to make videos, of course). For example, creators can block viewers and delete comments in bulk.

It is not yet certain whether TikTok will roll out all the new features to its user base. So for now, they are being tested; decision-making will come at a later date. Finally, the app maker announces that it removed 85 million videos between October and December of last year because they did not adhere to the guidelines. That’s about one percent of the current offerings.