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Tim Cook confirms much-discussed iPhone 15 Pro rumor in Japan

For some time there has been a persistent rumor that the iPhone 15 will get a camera from Sony. Apple CEO Tim Cook has now confirmed this.

In a tweet during Tim Cook’s visit to Sony in Kumamotom Japan, he revealed that Apple has been working with the Japanese company for ten years to develop the best cameras. Because of this, we can definitely assume that the iPhone 15 will also get a high-end Sony camera.

Tim Cook on the iPhone 15 with Sony camera

While Apple does not normally disclose which partners they work with on iPhones, it has long been assumed that Sony is one of them. So Tim Cook’s tweet confirms that.

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We’ve been partnering with Sony for over a decade to create the world’s leading camera sensors for iPhone. Thanks to Ken and everyone on the team for showing me around the cutting-edge facility in Kumamoto today.

– Tim Cook (@tim_cook) December 13, 2022

For example, websites like iFixit found that Sony components were indeed in that model as early as the iPhone 6. They were also found in subsequent models.

Sony is going to improve on HDR

According to Nikkei Asia, the iPhone 15 will get Sony’s latest image sensor. This doubles the saturation level in each pixel. As a result, it can easily take a picture of a person standing exactly in front of a light source.

Despite the large amount of light, no colors or details are blown out, according to the publication. In fact, it would be a true breakthrough. So that bodes well for the future of the iPhone 15 (but probably only the Pro series will get this sensor, unfortunately).

As for the device, that means we will soon be able to shoot keky snapshots with the system once again. And it looks like HDR photography is going to be better as well. So far, HDR mode on an iPhone has not been the be-all and end-all, but that may soon change. In any case, Tim Cook’s words make us excited for 2023.

Better telephoto lens

It is also stated that the iPhone 15 will soon have a better telephoto lens. As a result, zooming should therefore also be much, much better than on the iPhone 14. Major Android flagships also feature such a lens, which users are very enthusiastic about.

When Tim Cook will announce the iPhone 15 is not yet known, but it will undoubtedly be late next year.

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