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Tim Cook opens up about Twitter and his own future at Apple

Tim Cook doesn’t give interviews very often. So it’s interesting to hear what he has to say. This time it’s about the Twitter, Emergency SOS and more.

Yesterday we already saw a preview of CBS Mornings’ interview with Tim Cook. In it he talked about working from home and the economic situation, among other things. Now we see the whole interview with more interesting news.

Tim Cook on Emergency SOS

I am a hiker and often in places where there is no coverage. You also don’t want to see cell towers there because you want to be out in nature. Through Emergency SOS you always have contact if there is an emergency.

It feels nice to be able to communicate immediately with a satellite that’s hundreds of miles away and traveling 15,000 miles an hour.”

Privacy at Apple

Of course sharing information in case of an emergency is very nice, but sometimes you don’t sit around waiting for your data to be shared. Privacy is therefore a hot topic at tech companies like Apple. Tim Cook addresses that as well.

“We believe deeply that privacy is a fundamental right. Information for crash detection is stored only on your iPhone. We see it as your information and therefore do not suck it up into the cloud.” Tim Cook wants only the minimum amount of information to make Apple services work. “Privacy is the issue of this century.”

Twitter and the future of Tim Cook

Another issue going on right now, of course, is Twitter and Elon Musk’s takeover. Tim Cook also has an opinion on it. “They say they will continue to moderate. I also count on them to do that. I can’t imagine anyone wanting hate on a platform.”

Privacy is the issue of this century

Finally, Tim Cook also talks about his own future. “When I look at the company, it’s really a privilege to work here. I get to work and talk to people I really love. There is a lot of joy in my life thanks to Apple. So it’s really hard to imagine a future without Apple.

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