1645473605 Trumps Truth Social appears today on the Apple App Store

Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ appears today on the Apple App Store

Since Donald Trump is no longer welcome on Facebook and Twitter, the ex-president of the United States is starting his own social medium. The new medium, naturally called Truth Social, launches during the Presidents Day holiday in the US. A test version was already in the hands of testers for several days.

Presidents Day takes place on Monday, February 21 – that is, today. That news is confirmed by the chief product officer of the platform, someone known as Billy B., to Reuters. A simple check in the App Store also confirms the news: the app is now available for download for American users.

Trump’s own social network

Billy B. answered some questions about the platform that came from the testers. Those had been accessing Truth Social since last week. From one of the answers, it can be concluded that the app is similar to Twitter. But unfortunately peanut butter, also in this application it is not possible to modify the truth after posting.

Donald Trump 5G America Apple FBIDonald Trump (Image: AFP / Mandel Ngan)

Many users on Twitter have long wanted the option to edit a tweet after publication. For example, to correct a spelling error or to provide more clarity about something. But Twitter won’t let them do that, because then you can edit a retweeted tweet after the fact and someone could get in trouble for that.

Sending messages in private to each other

In addition, Billy B. reveals that in the future it will be possible to send each other private messages through Truth Social. The app is backed by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG). Devin Nunes, a former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, is leading Trump’s project.

Through the app, Donald Trump will once again have a way to address his followers. Whether there is a market for this, however, remains to be seen. In addition, it remains to be seen how long the app can remain in the App Store. Similar apps, such as Gettr and Parler, kept running into problems.

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