War money and perfectionism Ted Lasso season 3 is delayed

War, money and perfectionism: Ted Lasso season 3 is delayed

There’s no doubt about it: Apple TV+ has gold in its hands with comedy series Ted Lasso. The story of the American football coach in England is doing very well, but where is that third season anyway?

The answer to that question seems to be coming to light thanks to the website Puck. In a nutshell, there are several factors that seem to be causing delays.

Why Apple TV+ fans have to wait a long time for Ted Lasso

The first two seasons of Ted Lasso have enjoyed great success. The series on Apple TV+ is causing consumers to slowly but surely move themselves toward Apple’s streaming service after all. Not surprising since the series manages to grab quite a bit of attention at major award shows like the Emmys. Is it causing stress?

According to the website Puck, that seems to be the case. Maker, and also lead actor, Jason Sudeikis seems to be one of the reasons behind the delay. Since September 2021, the American has been working on the 12 episodes of the third season, but his perfectionism is holding up completion. In April this year, for example, it became clear that the story of many episodes were completely rewritten to better showcase certain characters.

Apple TV+, Ted Lasso, Emmy AwardsParty! (Image: Apple)

Since its launch, Apple has been pushing the point that Apple TV+ focuses entirely on quality. Sudeikis’ perfectionism is likely to improve the result, though that also depends on two other aspects.

The Russians and money

The lack of a third Ted Lasso season, by the way, also has to do with money. This is because Apple TV+ and Warner Bros, the company producing the series, do not seem to be able to agree on costs. Sources familiar with the situation see disagreements between the two parties on the cost issue. It is reportedly unclear in certain areas who should bear the costs.

The third reason has to do with the war in Ukraine. For example, Ted Lasso was supposed to be recorded at Chelsea Football Club’s stadium this season. Only this stadium was temporarily closed because the Russian owners had to pack up their belongings due to the war. Thus, the production team must recreate this iconic building entirely in CGI. Possible, but a very time-consuming job.

Wondering what content you will soon be able to see on Apple TV+? Jeroen tells you in the article below:

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