1649779878 watchOS 9 brings Apple Watch enhanced power saving mode

‘watchOS 9 brings Apple Watch enhanced power saving mode’

Consumers with an Apple Watch can look forward eagerly to watchOS 9. The new operating system for the smartwatch is likely to appear in the fall of 2022 and will bring with it extremely pleasant functionality.

Bloomberg reports this today based on information from sources. It involves an improved version of the power saving mode, which allows users to use the Apple Watch longer before it needs to be charged again.

Apple Watch gets improved power saving mode

It depends a little bit on your usage, but typically the Apple Watch will last a full day on a full charge. Some people may achieve this with normal use, while others may lean toward power saving mode. The mode is a clever move by Apple that really allows you to get the most out of the battery before you have to put it back on the charger. It’s not ideal, because at that point all Watch functionality is turned off and you only see what time it is.

The arrival of watchOS 9 changes this, according to Bloomberg. The new operating system introduces an improved power saving mode, which means the smartwatch can actually still be used. Not all Apple Watch functionality will be available, but more options will offer themselves than is currently the case. Useful at those times when you want to measure your sleep or need the smartwatch for navigation purposes.

Apple Watch Series 7The Series 6 and the Series 7 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

If Bloomberg’s sources are correct, you will soon get more out of your Apple Watch than you do now. The question is to what extent you will lose out on “normal use”. The chance that the new power saving mode will be enabled sooner than the current feature seems pretty real to me.

What else does watchOS 9 bring?

In addition to the improved power saving mode, watchOS 9 also seems to improve the ECG app. From then on, the Apple Watch will be able to better capture atrial fibrillation (heart rhythm disorder). In addition to the introduction of these improved features, expect updated watch faces.

It will be a while before watchOS 9 is available for your Apple Watch. During the WWDC 2022 keynote (June 6, 2022) we will probably get to see for the first time what Apple has in store for the software. It will then be tested by developers and beta testers before it is released in the fall.

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