1660946383 What was actually going on with iOS macOS and tvOS

What was actually going on with iOS, macOS and tvOS?

Apple rolled out several updates this week that consumers should install as soon as possible. iOS, macOS and tvOS were made more secure against a dangerous vulnerability thanks to this path. One that, according to the American company itself, has already been abused.

It is nice that there is a solution to the problem and that you can get a new version via Software Update. But how can it be that such operating systems are suddenly a cheese with holes?

Backdoors in iOS, tvOS and macOS

The vulnerabilities not only allow malicious people and hackers to use arbitrary code, but also even access the kernel of Apple devices. This includes a good number of iPhones, iPads and computers running macOS Monterey (specifically Monterey 12.5). Apple has named the exploit CVE-2022-3289.

apple exploitsYou must do this, believe us (Image: Apple)

The biggest problem is the access so to the kernel of the devices. This allows hackers to run code/software with administrator access. In other words, your device is then completely taken over.

Apple has already stated that it is aware that “some” devices may have already been attacked. (Do we have an official statement? It’s Apple, so no.)

Other apps from Apple were also a security risk

With the patch/update, the company immediately addresses security issues in WebKit, used for the Safari browser, Mail and other iOS and macOS apps, among others. The exploits suddenly allow access to your device and make it possible to put even more malware on your gadgets.

So it is extremely important that you install this update immediately. Hacker access affects iPhone 6 and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad (fifth-generation), iPad mini 4 and even the seventh-generation iPod touch, among others.

Yesterday we reported that the patch was offered, but details were still scarce. Now we can’t stress enough that this update is really a must-do.

This is how you install the update on iOS

It is possible for consumers to install the update immediately. Don’t know how to do that exactly? No worries! Just follow the steps below on your iPhone and you’ll have an update in no time.

On your iPhone, go to Settings
Select the option General
Then select Software Update

That’s it: once again, the lock on the jar of your devices. For now.

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