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When to expect the tenth-generation iPad and M2 iPad Pro

There is a fairly good chance that Apple will release two more new iPad models this year. Both the tenth-generation entry-level model, and a Pro model with M2 chip are expected to appear in 2022. But when exactly?

Of course, there is no official answer at the moment, but the corridors are once again filled with a lot of noise.

New iPad and iPad Pro in 2022

If all goes well, within three weeks we will know exactly what the new iPhone 14 series will bring us. The rumors surrounding the smartphones have been going around for quite some time, so we already have some idea of what to expect. But that doesn’t spoil the fun, because we can’t wait to get our hands on the Apple smartphones. And the same goes a little bit for the new iPad models.

We probably won’t get to see them during the iPhone 14 event, but we won’t have to wait long. At least, if a report on the Korean blog Naver is correct. The post comes from user yeux1122: a name we have encountered before.


Who is Yeux1122

Yeux1122 is a Korean blogger on the platform Naver. He regularly drops news about Apple. His track record is volatile. So he is wrong as often as he is right. For example, his rumors about the arrival of the M1 iPad and iPad mini 6 were correct, but he was completely wrong again with a rumor about the dimensions of the same mini.

According to the source, Apple is getting ready to show the new tablets to the world in October. A second event in the near future. Although everything must then go according to plan.

Foxxconn and Compal in trouble

Unfortunately, that is not the case. This afternoon it has become clear that several Chinese factories have experienced a spirited power outage. This is the result of an extreme heat wave that the country is currently in. In fact, it has been sixty years since such temperatures were hit.

Apple manufacturing iPhonesFoxconn’s factory (Image: Foxcon)

It is no coincidence, however, that the power is down for a while. The administration of China’s Sichuan region has decreed that industrial enterprises must be power rationed. Of the 21 major manufacturers operating in the region, 19 are without power. It is not known exactly how long this will last.

Considering Foxconn and Compal are also in this region, producing the new iPad models for Apple, the new tablets may be in trouble.

So, when will the iPad models appear?

So the big question is when exactly will the tenth-generation iPad and M2 iPad Pro see the light of day? Apple is expected to announce the tablets in October. This is an expectation that, despite the problems in China, in my opinion can still be maintained. After all, Apple does not deviate from its schedule easily and at the moment, for example, it also has major problems with the M2 MacBook Air.

Should things really get out of hand in China, we can expect a delay. In this regard, we expect such models in November of this year.

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