Why Musk is making iPhone users pay more for the Twitter checkmark

If you’re dying to get that blue checkmark from Twitter, iPhone users will pay more for it. In fact, Apple is once again grabbing 30 percent of the purchase price, but Musk is going to settle that with users.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has previously expressed his displeasure with Apple grabbing 30 percent in the App Store. He even threatened a war against the Cupertino-based company.

Because of Musk an expensive Twitter checkmark on your iPhone

So now Musk thinks he can outsmart the company by simply making the checkmark more expensive. Twitter Blue, as the service is called, has been on hiatus for a while, by the way. Musk temporarily pulled the plug on it because he believed people were abusing the checkmark.

So now it’s coming back and you pay $7. So unless you have an iPhone, because then you have to cough up $11. Not to worry by the way, there is an easy way to get around the higher price. You can purchase the checkmark on the site.

Elon Musk. (Image: Philip Pacheco / AFP)

More upcoming changes

Twitter Blue, by the way, has more changes unrelated to the iPhone. When the service launches, badges will also be released in different colors so people can tell whether it is a corporate, government or individual account. This, according to Twitter and thus Musk, would make it more difficult to create parody accounts.

Should you take Twitter Blue, keep in mind that you cannot change your username for seven days leading up to the checkmark. Should you do so after that, you will lose your checkmark until someone from Twitter investigates your account.

How to proceed.

It is now well known that Elon Musk has laid off a lot of staff. The controversial billionaire also saw hundreds of employees at the company leave because they disagree with the vision behind Twitter 2.0.

Musk informs employees that “only exceptional performance” will henceforth count as a passing grade. Twitter will be “extremely hardcore” as of this writing. That means employees will have to put in long hours and work under high pressure. So that checking your checkmark on your account may take a spicy long time by Musk.

Twitter Blue is expected to launch tomorrow on Dec. 9.

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