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Why the Apple AR/VR is causing considerable disagreement among Apple personnel

It should be Apple’s new big gadget: the Apple AR/VR headset, or Reality Pro. Still, there is some disagreement among Apple employees. Not everyone agrees with the direction taken.

AR/VR, alongside AI, is a hot topic in the tech world right now. Several companies are fully developing their own glasses and software. For example, Facebook parent company Meta is betting full on the Metaverse and PlayStation recently came out with the VR2. Apple is not sitting still either, coming out with the Reality Pro.

The Apple AR/VR is coming, but not everyone is happy about it

That Apple is working on its own AR/VR headset is an open secret. The gadget is likely to be unveiled at WWDC in June and may be named Reality Pro. As such, the entire tech world is looking forward to that moment. Yet some Apple employees seem to think otherwise.

Eight former Apple employees have taken to The New York Times. They are deeply concerned about Apple’s Reality Pro. And this is remarkable to say the least. Normally this never happens with a new product from the iPhone maker.

The biggest concern according to the staff is the price of the new Reality Pro. It is rumored to be around $3,000. So with that, Apple is looking for a certain niche, since most people do not just put such a large sum of money on the table. In addition, former staff members also question the usefulness of the device and whether there will be enough demand.

Towering expectations (but not from employees)

According to employees, Apple isn’t Apple anymore. The company used to be a solution to a problem. According to them, that is not the case with the Reality Pro, because what problem exactly does it solve? Some employees have even quit because of this, because they don’t see the point.

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On the contrary, other developers have been fired by Apple itself. This is because the product is not making enough progress. The product was presented to executives at the company five years ago, but still has not appeared on the market.

Precisely because expectations are now sky-high, Apple must come up with something really good. As such, the company is focused on ensuring that the device excels in several areas. For example, video calls should look great because of top-notch avatars. Like Meta, the company sees a future in VR. In addition, it should be very comfortable and easy to operate.

It should also be a great accessory for artists, designers and engineers. For them, the Reality Pro should make it even easier to draw new designs in 3D.

That’s not enough for the Cupertino-based company, however. It is even enlisting Hollywood filmmakers to create custom content for the device. One such name is Jon Favreau, creator of The Mandalorian and the new version of The Lion King.

Can Apple make the Reality Pro a success?

So the price creates a question mark. Yet Apple seems to be working on that as well. In addition to the expensive first model, the company would like to come out with a cheaper version later. But is this really the right order? Normally Apple comes out with a normal model first and only then with a Pro or Ultra.

So Apple seems to be doing everything it can to make the device a success, but nevertheless it is not enough for some employees. So the big question is how it will be received by the public.

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