Why the Apple Watch Pro is likely to look different

Why the Apple Watch Pro is likely to look different to what you’re used to

This Wednesday, September 7, the Apple event Far Out will take place. In addition to the iPhone 14, the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro will likely be presented. But according to a “leaker,” the hardware will get a significant addition.

The Watch Pro has been the subject of persistent rumors for some time. It would be a larger, rugged smartwatch aimed primarily at endurance athletes and walkers.

The Apple Watch Pro is going to be a hefty guy

With the understanding that the timepiece is meant for athletes, it’s understandable that the Pro will be sturdier. Most likely, the watch will get a sturdier titanium casing.

In addition, the Watch Pro will also be larger. The largest Apple Watch before this was 45 millimeters, the Pro would be 47 millimeters. The advantage of this is that it will fit a larger battery, which endurance athletes will obviously find very nice.

Apple Watch Pro Pride EditionPerhaps a Nike version of the Pro will also be released again (Image: Apple)

New button

Unlike the “regular” Apple Watch, which is quite round, we expect the Pro’s design to be more angular. The convexity of the glass would also disappear.

However, all these design details are peanuts compared to the latest rumor. In fact, Leaky Sonny Dickson has posted a picture on his Twitter account of an enclosure accessory that may be for the Pro. And the most striking fact is that it looks like the Pro will be getting an added button on the left side.

Apple Watch ProWill the Apple Watch Pro get an extra button? (Image: Sonny Dickson)

That’s not so far-fetched, by the way: athletes and runners in particular prefer physical buttons to a touchscreen. These are more responsive, especially when it’s raining, for example. In addition, it seems that the crown and button on the right side will be a bit “higher” than previous Apple Watches.

Whether we get to see the Apple Watch Pro next Wednesday, we’ll have to wait and see. In addition, nothing is known (of course) yet about a possible price. Journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests that the price will be between 900 and 1000 dollars. Quite a pricey little clock, in other words.

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