1659215672 Why the biggest hits fell to the Mac last quarter

Why the biggest hits fell to the Mac last quarter

The most recent annual figures show that the Mac took the biggest hit during the past financial quarter. Compared to the same period last year, sales were down a whopping ten percent. That’s not nothing, and Apple CEO Tim Cook explains exactly how this came about during his meeting with investors.

A total of three reasons underlie this problem, Tim Cook said during the meeting. One is due to the current constraints among suppliers and manufacturers who provide the necessary parts (the supply chain). Several companies in the tech industry suffer from this.

The Mac scores poorly and here’s how that came about

In addition, the exchange rate for foreign currency is throwing a spanner in the works. As a result, people in certain countries have less money to spend on expensive things. Here in the Netherlands, for example, there is high inflation, so you buy less from the same monthly salary.

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On that 10% fall in Mac sales yoy: Cook told me supply constraints and foreign exchange to blame.

– Steve Kovach (@stevekovach) July 28, 2022

Finally, we are facing a global, negative trend in terms of PC sales. Recent research shows that people are less inclined to buy a computer now. This is (probably) because everyone has been generously supplied with good PCs since the pandemic began.

It’s not the effort that counts

At least what it’s not up to: Apple’s efforts. The company released several Mac products this year, or products that work with a computer. Think of the Studio Display, the Mac Studio and the new MacBook models that work with the M2 processor. Those, of course, are the Air and Pro.

Meanwhile, we’re already hearing rumors of new MacBook models that feature an M2 Pro or M2 Max processor. According to Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman, those laptops will appear in the fall of 2022. Whether that’s true remains to be seen – but perhaps those models will pull the numbers out of the doldrums.

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