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Why the iPhone 15 Pro’s battery may last a lot longer

It’s almost 2023 and that, of course, is the year of the iPhone 15. Although the device won’t be launched until sometime in September, quite a few rumors are already trickling in, including the battery.

At least in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will get the A17 chip. The chips, of course, will be designed by Apple and manufactured by Taiwan’s TSMC. Whereas in the 14 Pro they were still 4nm chips, in the 15 it is 3nm.

The A17 chip for the iPhone 15 Pro

The production of the 3nm chips chip started a few days ago. As a result, we also seem to be learning more about the process behind it. With each new generation of chips, TSMC and Apple seem to add more and more capacity. Something we are thus seeing reflected in the iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple and TSMC’s 3nm chips naturally provide even greater transistor density, making them even more powerful. TSMC seems to be emphasizing energy efficiency, but that is no guarantee that Apple wants the same.

Apple obviously wants powerful chips above all to accelerate the iPhone 15 Pro. Still, many users will like it if the battery can last longer. Especially after the now minor deception of the Always-on display. Something that significantly affects battery life.

iPhone 14 Pro, ReviewiPhone 14 Pro (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Tech we’ve seen before

We first see the 3nm technology in the M2 Pro chip for the Macs that will appear next year. While these are incredibly powerful, the Silicon chip is also known for its efficiency.

If Bloomberg is to be believed, the 3nm technology gives chips better performance while using 35 percent less energy. Of course, that would also be a great result for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

So the big question is how Apple is going to deploy the 3nm chips. Will it try to squeeze out all the power, or will it put more focus on power efficiency? Given Apple’s history, Apple will just make a good choice for the chips in the new iPhone 15 Pro.