Why you should avoid the new iPhone update

Why you should avoid the new iPhone update

We’re all tempted with an iPhone to update for iOS 16 as soon as possible, but in the case of Apple’s iOS 16.3, you may have to wait a little longer. There are some problems with iCloud. Nasty problems.

An update is generally extremely pleasant but it’s certainly not always a beatific fix for your problems. iOS 16.3 proves that too as people are suddenly experiencing irritating iCloud problems. In other words, feel free to be even more wary with your download for your iPhone.

iOS 16.3 for your iPhone and iPad is not blissful

iCloud is having problems after the iOS update. After all, backups are suddenly automatically disabled. And that backup of your iPhone is largely the point of iCloud anyway.

This is not only irritating, for many of us it is a necessary evil: we always want access to our iPhone, including through the Cloud. So a warning comes along after the iOS update: “An unknown error has been experienced.

Tim Cook Macbook Pro Apple TV Plus macOSTime for new updates (Image: Apple/AFP)

Apple’s iCloud on your phone is a backbone

That iCloud has quirks is little fun. It holds important information including photos, Messages, WhatsApp messages and contacts. Obviously, this glitch does not apply to those without iCloud anyway.

For some, two-factor identification is a solution. You can easily set that up in your menu in security settings through your iPhone. Welcomed: so this doesn’t work for anything if you’ve already done that and are now hoping for a solution.

The only real solution is to follow Apples terms and simply reset all your devices (like your iPhone). That way you can reset everything and make sure your iCloud is safe.

And believe us, your iCloud is more important than your phone.

Nevertheless, a phone is easy to recover, and after you enter new data on all Apple platforms, including a new password, you’ll soon be rid of the hassle.

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