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Why your iPhone battery seems to drain faster in iOS 16.5

Several iPhone owners are complaining that their phone’s battery is draining faster after the iOS 16.5 update. What exactly is the situation?

It’s actually something you hear by default after every iOS update. Users telling that their battery drains faster than before the update. Even with iOS 16.5, it’s happening again. But what exactly is going on and how do you fix it?

Battery draining faster after iOS 16.5?

Recently, iOS 16.5 is available for download and it is important to install it. Besides improving the system again and having some new features, it also closes standard security holes on your iPhone.

You may have noticed that after the update your battery drains faster. To quickly reassure you, this is very normal and happens almost after every update.

When a new update like iOS 16.5 is installed, the new operating system has to perform all kinds of checks. For example, it scans all your photos again it has to provide new algorithms and optimize data. Of course, this all takes extra energy, which in turn affects your battery. It is therefore drained faster.

This is the solution for your iPhone

Still, you don’t have to be too scared. That extra energy is only temporary and lasts a few days at most. If all goes well, it will be peaked in 48 hours. So all you have to do is have a little extra patience and maybe put your iPhone on the charger a little earlier. It is therefore wise to just take your charger with you on the road.

This simple iPhone trick will instantly save you a lot of timeShiny. (Image: Unsplash/Thai Nguyen)

Still have ideas that your battery problems are bigger? Then check the battery status. You can find it through Settings and then Battery. There you can see not only which apps are draining your battery, but also the condition of the battery. That way you’ll know if it’s time to replace it.

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