Working out with your Apple Watch Here are 5 essential

Working out with your Apple Watch? Here are 5 essential tips

The Apple Watch is one of the most useful gadgets next to your iPhone. Not only do you get notifications from your phone and you can pay with Apple Pay, but it’s also your ideal help for exercising.

This year can rightly be called special for the Apple Watch. There was not one new model, but rather three. In addition to the Ultra, there was also space the Series 8 and the new SE.

Even better workout with your Apple Watch

But besides looking beautiful, the Apple Watch is also the ideal help during exercise. Still, there is still room for improvement, so we give you three tips to get the most out of your workouts. Here’s what you can do even better for Apple’s VP of Fitness Technologies Jay Blahnik.

#1 Change your interface

During a workout, your Apple Watch shows you detailed information such as your heart rate and the duration of an exercise. Is this not what you want? Then you can change your interface so you see other data while exercising, for example.

For example, think of speed, cadence, or elevation. It is very simple to change your interface. To do so, all you have to do is turn the crown of your Apple Watch.

apple watch pro sealsIs that why Robben wouldn’t wear an Apple Watch? (Image: ANP/ Koen van Weel)

#2 Use custom workouts

On your Apple Watch, you can choose from all sorts of different workouts. Running, biking, or walking; they’re all in there. However, you can also create your own workout. For example, you can add breaks, so that you do a set for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds, for example.

#3 Pay attention to your heart rate zones

Since watchOS 9, it has been possible to see your heart rate zones on your Apple Watch. These are automatically set according to your age. However, you can also adjust them manually.

The heart rate zones on your Apple Watch are divided into five segments, allowing you to see exactly how intense your workout is. So you can see exactly during your workout whether you need to slow down, or whether you can take it up a notch. So you can get even more out of your workout.

Apple Watch Series 8 heart rateYour heart rate zone. (Image: Apple)

#4 Dive deeper into statistics

Sure, you can only keep track of your time and average heart rate, but the Apple Watch tracks many other statistics. When running, do you want to know your stride length or contact time with the ground? The device keeps track of it all.

This makes it easier to improve your technique while running. With this, you can apply theory to practice just fine and become an even better runner with less chance of injury.

#5 Use Race Route on your Apple Watch

If you are running, for example, it is ideal to do it with someone. It motivates you to go faster and persevere. Do you run alone and still want to be optimally motivated? Then here comes a solution.

That’s because the company is coming soon with Race Route for your Apple Watch. If you do a running route more than twice, the system remembers it. It shows the best and your most recent time. So when you go to run that route again, you can turn on Race Route, making it do a race against yourself. This way you can see exactly how fast you need to go. An ideal motivation!

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