You can pay after the fact with Apple Pay but

You can pay after the fact with Apple Pay, but there’s a limit to that

During WWDC 2022, we were first introduced to Apple Pay Later. Through it, it’s possible to make payment, possibly, after you’ve purchased a product. Convenient, though you can’t use it for all your purchases.

Via the Wall Street Journal it becomes clear that Apple is working with a maximum amount of $1000. Whether this limit is the same in Euros does not seem to be clear yet, although there is that expectation.

No New MacBook with Apple Pay Later

While we’re not a huge fan of the idea, Apple Pay Later allows you to make certain payments after you purchase a product. Where it’s not very wise to buy things you don’t actually have the money for, it’s nice that the option is there. Especially once certain purchases can’t be delayed.

However, it is becoming clear that with Apple Pay Later you can’t just buy everything this way. Buying the new M2 MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro is really not in the cards via this route. This has to do with the $1000 limit imposed on consumers. So anyone who wants to make a large purchase will actually have to have the money. A good arrangement, if you ask us.

M2 MacBook Air WWDC 2022🍏 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

According to the Wall Street Journal, it doesn’t matter what the status of your Apple ID is with regard to certain purchases. The limit applies to everyone.

More useful iOS 16 features

Apple Pay Later will be available later this year. The functionality will roll out at the same time as iOS 16. That operating system was unveiled last week, during the WWDC 2022 keynote. People with iPhones will get a new lock screen, access to the revamped Apple Maps and much more, among other features.

Keeping track of all the developments around the operating system and everything else that saw the light of day during WWDC 2022? Then this page on our website is without a doubt recommended.

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