You must buy this awesome Apple nostalgia at Grid

You must buy this awesome Apple nostalgia at Grid

A year ago, we reported that GRID Studio does a wonderful job of framing Apple products. It’s memorabilia of the highest order! And the great thing is: this Black Friday week, all these products are on sale.

Are you really waiting for your first iPhone or iPad in everyday use? The chances are slim. But do you want this iconic tech on your wall? Is that a rhetorical question? In case you still want the answer: hell yeah.

Grid turns old Apple tech into a work of art

As we wrote, Grid is a forerunner when it comes to preserving and explaining old technology. It creates unique points of interest that the true fan can look at with pride on a daily basis.

iPhone GRID 1The contents of the artwork (Image: GRID)

Up front: Grid is possibly the best manufacturer of tech memoirs. It carefully takes apart Apple products, and puts it in a frame. In addition, it is adorned with very cool info about all the small parts. Often parts that opinion people don’t even think about. One to find for little on Black Friday.

More than Apple!

However, the company, or actually studio, goes a lot further than that. For example, you can also find old game consoles and other types of phones on the site and at a great price on Black Friday.

We give Grid one hundred percent support for the fact that they pulled apart a Nokia 3310. That is seriously Lord of the Rings Sauron-style strength and power. That phone can neither open nor break.

Nokia 3310, AppleImpossible! (Image: Grid)

Good Black Friday deals

Returning; Grid now has a slew of very fine deals around Black Friday. For example, the first iPad now costs only 385.50 euros instead of 482.12 euros. That’s almost a hundred euros less.

Apple, iPad, GridProbably nice and fierce. (Image: Grid)

The first-generation Apple Watch (popularly known as Generation 0) has also been completely stripped down. This one will now cost you 192 euros instead of 240 euros on Black Friday. It was the best-selling “wearable” with 4.2 million units. An absolute museum piece.

apple watch, gridYou know what time it is. (Image: Grid)

Gameboys and more on Black Friday

But Grid goes a step beyond just Apple: as mentioned, you can also find other old phones (apart from the iPhone). In addition, you can also find old consoles that can be found at a greatly reduced price around Black Friday.

Our personal favorite is the GameBoy Pocket which is discounted on Black Friday from 221 euros to 182 euros. This is by far the most iconic handheld ever made (the GameGear, Lynx and PSP trail behind it).

GsameBoy, Apple, GridMagical to have on your wall. (Image: Grid)

But the DualShock controller for the PlayStation is also now on sale on Black Friday. It was 240 euros but has now been reduced by 50 euros. For 192.27 euros it will hang on your wall.

Apple, Sony PlayStationThose want to pin on our wall, too. (Image: Grid)

In other words, absolutely dive into this rabbithole on Black Friday, because Grid makes beautiful things out of old devices like those from Apple and consorts. And we can give you a heads up: keep an eye on GRID’s site this coming Friday anyway, we suspect prices will drop even more then.

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