20 popular iOS apps that secretly drain your iPhones battery

20 popular iOS apps that secretly drain your iPhone’s battery

Your iPhone’s battery: it can be a great source of stress. Especially if it drains faster than you’re actually used to, but don’t necessarily use it more often. If the experts at pCloud are to be believed, the cause is less complicated than you might think. There are simply some big energy eaters among your app library.

Chances are you have one of these applications on your iPhone. After all, these are names we’ve all come across in the Apple App Store at one time or another. Some of them are even among the most popular titles in the download store.

These 20 iPhone apps eat energy

The folks at pCloud have compiled a list of the twenty most power-hungry iOS apps from the App Store. Five of those titles are among the most popular on the market. Not very surprising, since it’s mainly the social media and communication apps that eat energy. Maybe handy for staying in touch with people, but a disaster for your iPhone’s battery.

Where all iOS apps look familiar to us, there are some apps that are still high on the download lists in 2022. These include Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube and Telegram. These apps “secretly” eat away at your iPhone’s battery life like crazy. Some are more extreme than others.

For a clear overview, we list all twenty applications, including the score of how much activity they require:

Fitbit | 92%
Verizon | 92%
Uber | 87%
Skype | 87%
Facebook | 82%
Airbnb | 82%
Instagram | 79%
Tinder | 77%
Bumble | 77%
Snapchat | 77%
WhatsApp | 77%
Zoom | 77%
YouTube | 77%
Booking.com | 77%
Amazon | 77%
Telegram | 77%
Grindr | 72%
Lick | 72%
LinkedIn | 72%

WhatsApp iPhone AndroidNew! (Image: WhatsApp & Unsplash / Edit: WANT)

Why do these apps consume so much?

The above iOS apps mainly consume a lot due to a hefty load of background activity. This means that even though you have closed applications, they are still running in the background. Something that has a nice impact on the battery life of your iPhone.

There are a number of steps you can take to avoid this. The main step is to turn off background activity. You do that by going to Settings -> General -> Background Refresh. It is then possible to turn it off completely. For example, you no longer allow the content of apps to refresh in the background.

It is also advisable to set a limit for a particular app. Through Settings -> Screen time -> App limits you can limit access for certain apps. After a number of hours or minutes per day, you can make sure that a certain app can no longer be used.

iPhone, iOS apps, background activityTurn it off (Image: OMT)

Are you really completely fed up? Then of course it is also possible to remove the entire application from your iPhone.

This is how to save your iPhone’s battery

Should you be at all dissatisfied with the battery life of your iPhone and would like to extend it? Good news, because we have some handy tips for you. In the article below we have listed ten of them to give you a helping hand.

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