1661723611 5 awesome Android features why Samsung is worth it

5 awesome Android features why Samsung is worth it

Those who want iOS as their operating system have an easy choice: opt for Apple’s iPhone. However, if you want to use Android, the choice is a little less easy. There are numerous manufacturers who use the operating system in their own way. So too do our South Korean friends at Samsung.

The company’s smartphones have a number of features that you can’t get from other brands, in this way. Simply put, it can make the search for a new phone a little easier. WANT editor Dennis explains it to you in this article.

Stripped Android by Google

Google itself has been trying for years to release the most basic version of Android on its phones. The Pixel smartphones have all the fuss left out. This has a number of advantages; your phone remains relatively faster and you don’t get irritating, useless pop-ups and notifications all the time from programs you don’t use anyway.

Samsung uses its own version of Android called OneUI. And that has its advantages, we’re about to tell you. Reason enough in any case to consider a Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

#1 Don’t throw your Android apps in the trash

Of course, you always have the option to throw away an app. But chances are you might suddenly want to use Facebook, TikTok, Grinder or Tinder again. You can hide those apps in OneUI for a while, though. They’re still on your phone, but you can’t see them in your home screen, dock or even the search options. Want to have them back? Then go to Settings -> Home screen -> Hide apps and you’ll conjure them back in no time.

#2 Optimize your phone

While several phones have an option to save your battery as well as keep your device running smoothly, they don’t always excel at it.

Samsung has an application called Battery and Device Maintenance. Basically, the software is always running in the background, but if you think your phone needs a little more attention; click on Memory and hit the Clean Up button. For example, it removes extremely large files or duplicate photos. It also shuts down applications that eat energy, CPU and RAM. There are countless other apps for that, but the fact that this is standard on a Samsung is particularly nice.

#3 Always on display

I have no idea why people find this a nice feature, but in more expensive Samsung phones you can choose to always have your display/lock screen on. To do this, go to Settings -> Lock Screen -> Always On Display.

#4 Samsung makes its phones super secure

A very nice feature is also the Safe folder. This makes it pretty darn hard for people to get to very valuable files. To do this, go to Biometrics and Security within Settings and select Safe Folder. There you can set a fingerprint, PIN or pattern for a folder so that nobody can snoop around in it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraLots of dust under the camera system (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Should you have compressed or very personal photos anyway, you can also set that up from, say, the Gallery app. Just select your photos, click on the three dots at the bottom right and the Move to Safe Folder option pops up.

#5 Work on your Samsung phone

One last notable feature of Samsung’s flagships is that you can use your phone as a PC. With DeX technology, you can use a keyboard, mouse and monitor. In effect, you convert your Android into a Windows-like machine.

There are some hurdles: you must have a Samsung Galaxy S series and a special DeX cable. If you do not want to use extra keyboards and other peripherals; the function can also be used on a laptop or desktop computer.

Check out all the details about DeX here.

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