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5 devastatingly useful iOS 16 features now available for your Mac

Updating to macOS Ventura has a number of new features and benefits. But you may be surprised to learn that a number of applications and apps in the update were simply adopted by Apple from the iPhone. And we’re happy with them. Here are our five favorites.

Who would have ever imagined that in some ways Apple’s iOS 16 has better solutions and conveniences that now enrich macOS Ventura? Suddenly a few tweaks have appeared (after you update on your Mac) that really make life better.

Simple iOS 16 apps that improve macOS Ventura

It may sound a bit bizarre, but the tablet and phone versions of Apple’s OS 16 have a few nuggets that are incredibly nice on your Mac. And thank goodness Apple didn’t try not to reinvent the wheel and just released them. As a result, they’re easy to find on your desktop computer or laptop. We list our favorite things.

#1 The Clock

It sounds very basic, and it may be to some, but we are pleased with the clock feature on macOS Ventura. It literally has all the features of the clock app on iOS 16, including the World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer. No idea yet how exactly to make this useful, but the option is there.

#2 Is it going to rain? Apple’s Weather app from iOS 16 is now on macOS

Again, a simple app that can undoubtedly be found from third-party providers. But iOS 16’s uncluttered Weather app contains just the amount of information you need. It gives you a fine overview of a forecast down to 10 days. But if you want more info on air quality, UV and other things, those are also quickly found.

#3 iMessage is more flexible on macOS Ventura

Okay it’s not really iMessage, but one very useful feature is now included. You can now quickly “recall” a message. This allows you to quickly delete a niggling error in a message, and possibly edit it if necessary. You have to be quick, though, because time is short.

iPhone, Mac, iOSScheduling iMessage and possibly deleting or scheduling it. (Image: OneMoreThing)

On the iPhone, iPad and Mac, you now have two minutes to edit things and can make five different adjustments to your post.

#4 Mail retraction in Apple’s macOS Ventura

As in Apple’s iOS 16, on macOS Ventura you still have the chance to fish back an email now. If you do, you’ll have to be quick. After all, you have about ten seconds. Should you have sent something that isn’t quite right, you’ll see an Undo Send option in the lower left corner of your email.

Should you need a little longer you can set that in the Settings, Drafting and Undo.

#5 Sending Mail in the Future

A very handy extra feature is scheduling mail. So if you want to send something out, or respond to something, you can now schedule it. When you are in your mail, just click on the little down arrow and you can choose when to send it.

These are all seemingly simple apps and additions (they are), but that they are useful on macOS Ventura is beyond question. So be sure to fiddle with them.

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