5 handy ways to give your old iPhone a second

5 handy ways to give your old iPhone a second life

Whether it’s last year’s model or a true classic: your old trusty smartphone can get a whole new life. After all, with just a few minor tweaks, that old iPhone is far from ready for the coarse trash.

The ultra-modern iPhone from a few years ago is already an outdated device. That’s just how it goes with technology. At a certain point, the battery also goes down and there are no more iOS updates. Soon your iPhone will be worth nothing.

Five ways to give your old iPhone a second life

You can still trade it in, but that often doesn’t get you very far. Usually your old iPhone just disappears in a drawer somewhere. A shame, because with the right mindset (and sometimes a handy app), that old device can still be quite useful.

1. Turn your iPhone into a security camera

Now that most smartphones have a decent camera, it’s more effective than ever to turn your old iPhone into a security camera. Apple doesn’t offer a dedicated feature for this, but you do have several third-party apps for this.

Old electronics in a new outfitKeep an eye out for them! (Image: Manything)

Presence, for example, is an app that you install on both your old and new iPhone. Once both are enabled, you have a great security system. The old device in fact sends the images to your new one. The service is free, but for 45 euros you have an annual subscription with access to longer recordings of better quality. Keep in mind that old iPhone batteries do not last long. So make sure you have them constantly on the charger.

2. Like an iPod

Have you ever noticed that an iPod touch is really just an iPhone without a SIM card? Especially if you consider that Apple Music can also be used without a SIM card. So download your favorite albums or podcasts to your old smartphone and you’ll always have a music player in your pocket. Even if there is no good Wifi connection. Of course it is much more practical to use your current iPhone for this, but in some situations it can still be useful. For example, if you are going on a long trip and want to save the battery of your iPhone.

Free HomePodAn old iPhone without a sim is really just an iPod Touch. (Image: Unsplash)

3. E-reader

If you are looking for some relaxation before bed, a good book is not a bad idea. An old iPhone can come in handy for that too. Turn down the screen brightness, turn off notifications and open your favorite e-book app. You can of course go for books from Apple’s Book store, but Amazon’s Kindle and Storytel are also great options. Have fun reading!

4. Say goodbye to your alarm clock

Thanks to the always-on feature of the new Apple Watch, this smartwatch is the ideal clock for next to your bed. However, you can also just use your old iPhone as an alarm clock. In fact, there are numerous clock apps where you can customize the face to your preferences. Studio Clock GX2021 is a good example. The app indicates the time with millisecond precision and provides access to countless designs.

Studio Clock GX2021Studio Clock GX2021. (Image: Trevor Kamhunga)

5. Turn your old iPhone into a mini television.

Anyone who lives with roommates knows the problem. Your favorite program starts, but the television is occupied. Fortunately, thanks to streaming services, you now have many more options. Install the Netflix app on your old iPhone, create an account and you have a spare television. Perhaps for this example, an old iPad comes in a little better handy, but of course it also does its job on a slightly smaller screen. This way you never miss your favorite program and can just sit on your phone in the meantime.

Sounds great right? There is only one catch. All this streaming requires WiFi. After all, an old iPhone no longer has a cellular connection because it doesn’t have a SIM card. So think of it more as a video player on WiFi.

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