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Always-on not always on: at these times your iPhone turns it off

The new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max feature an Always-On display. It’s a feature that Android has had for years, but which Apple is handling in its own way. And it does so rather ingeniously.

Like on the Apple Watch, the screen is always on, so things like the time and widgets are visible at all times. Unless you’re dealing with some scenarios, then the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max automatically disables the functionality.

Always-On not always on on your iPhone 14

Apple’s support page shows that the Always-On display is almost always active, but still turns off at certain times. For example, when you place your smartphone face down on a surface. Indeed, via various social media channels, it is clear that the screen can eat quite a bit of battery.

iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple, Always-On(Image: Apple)

So to mitigate this, there are some actions that will make your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max automatically turn off the Always-On screen. These are them:

Lay the iPhone down with the screen facing down
Put the iPhone in your pocket, jacket pocket or backpack
Turn on Do Not Disturb
Activate power-saving mode
Connect iPhone to CarPlay
Use the Continuity Camera
Do not use iPhone for some time
Walk away from the smartphone with a connected Apple Watch

Furthermore, the Always-On display on your iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is capable of learning from your habits. So once you lie in bed and set an alarm clock, or sleep schedule, the screen will also automatically turn off.

Not the only improved Android feature

In addition to the Always-On display, the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) also tackles another well-known Android feature. After years of using the standard notch, Apple is also finally tackling a hole-punch variant this year. A solution to the large notch that the American company has developed better than any other company.

The name Dynamic Island may be hilarious, but it delivers. Wondering what my first impression of the feature was? You can read about it in the article below!

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