Android 13 gets feature that will never drain your battery

Android 13 gets feature that will never drain your battery again

Does your battery always drain way too fast? With Android 13, that’s not going to happen to you any more. It comes with the ideal feature.

We all know the problem of a battery that runs out way too fast. You’re in the middle of a conversation, which means you have to hang up, you’re not in a place where you can charge, or you don’t have your charger handy. You’ll be able to postpone that moment a bit more easily in Android 13 soon.

No more problems with your battery

Google announces that Android 13 will get a new notification system that will warn you when an app is using a lot of energy in the background. So you can easily turn off the app if you don’t use it anyway or don’t need it in the background. This way you can use your battery longer.

Android 13 gives you a warning when an app uses a lot of energy in 24 hours. However, this warning is not given when an app is running in the foreground. This is logical too, because if you are gaming, for example, you know that the app is using a lot of energy. If you are doing something else and the app you just used is still guzzling energy, then of course you will get the notification. There are also other exceptions when you don’t see a notification. For example, there are also no alerts when it’s an app that provides a VPN connection, Google writes in the developer log.

Android 13 logoThe logo of Android 13 (Image: Google)

Android 13 is also going to alert you when an app runs for more than 20 hours in the foreground. When you press the notification, the phone will open the Foreground Services Task Manager. So in that menu, you can disable the particular app or set it the way you want.

Still waiting for this feature in Android 13

Unfortunately, the new feature is only available in the second developer preview. You can install it, but there is a chance that not everything will work equally well and that can cause problems. So probably we will have to wait a while before it comes in the regular version of Android 13.

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