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Android and iOS: is wireless charging bad for your battery?

Many new smartphones running Android and iOS have the ability to charge wirelessly using Qi technology. But isn’t that bad for your battery?

Convenience serves man and it is incredibly nice to “carelessly” put your phone on a wireless charger. Yet we know that the efficiency of that technology is only eighty percent of a regular charging cable. A lot of energy is simply lost.

Android and iOS: wireless charging makes it hot

First of all, overheating is not good for your phone and battery. This can happen due to, for example, running heavy apps, but also simply due to hot weather. In many cases, wireless charging causes your Android or iOS device to become warmer than normal. So this also applies to your tablet.

OPPO Find X5 ProFast wireless charging with OPPO’s Android (Image: Oppo)

As stated earlier, about twenty percent of the energy is lost, and in the “worst” cases as much as fifty percent. That loss is converted into heat. In addition, many people use a thick case that causes that heat to stay in your device. Surprise: that’s not very beneficial for your battery.

Still, it’s not an immediate headache. Many newer devices have battery management software. This allows your smartphone or tablet to signal that it’s getting too hot, lowering the power input. In extreme cases, it can even be stopped.

Longer battery life on your phone

In other words, wireless charging is not necessarily more harmful than wired charging. Still, there are some tips that will allow you to give your battery a longer life. For example, as much as possible, keep the battery life between twenty and eighty percent.

We are used to putting the phone on the charger at night. However, it is recommended to “top up” your phone during the day for short periods of time. Samsung and some other Android phone manufacturers even offer you the option of never charging beyond 85 percent.

battery charging wirelessDon’t sit in the sun too long with your Android cell phone (Image: Unsplash/Bruno Gomiero)

Keep your head cool

Apple also states as a tip that your iOS phone should never be exposed to a temperature higher than 35 degrees Celsius. According to the tech giant, 16 to 22 degrees is the best way to get the most out of your battery. It is therefore not recommended to leave your iPhone or iPad in a warm car. But the same applies to Android devices, of course.

It is also somewhat discouraged to use ultra fast chargers for Android and iOS. Of course, a 64 watt or 150 watt charger is nice to be able to use your phone again quickly. But if you have the time, use a 10 watt or 18 watt charger. This will keep your phone cooler. The days of being able to replace a battery ourselves are kind of gone. But if your battery is starting to have problems, we recommend you have it replaced by an expert. That way, you’ll be giving your phone a second life after all.

Want to check if your battery is still okay? We explain it to you in the article below!

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