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Android and iOS phones are huge, but still one-handed to use

Smartphones just seem to get bigger and bigger. This makes it a lot harder to operate them with one hand. Fortunately, both Android phones and the iPhone have a special feature that allows you to still use them decently with one hand.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are not exactly small with their sizes of 6.8 and 6.7 inches, respectively. But even the standard versions in these Android and iPhone lineups are larger than 6 inches. So operating the top portion of your screen is not so easy, although of course you get a nice big screen in return.

Android: this is how to operate large smartphone with one hand

Android smartphones and the iPhone feature a handy mode that helps you operate your device with one hand. By swiping down at the bottom of your phone, you can reach the top half of your device more easily. Here’s how to set it up.

Go to your Android device’s settings and enable One-handed Operation. On Samsung devices, you will find this feature under Advanced Features. When you use the feature, the screen becomes smaller (on Samsung) or your entire screen is moved down. This makes the top half of your device easier to operate.

Operating Android smartphone with 1 handThis is how to control your Android with one hand. (Screenshot:

Use your iPhone with one hand

The feature to control your iPhone with one hand works practically the same as Android phones. Again, you swipe down from the bottom of the screen to get better access to everything. Do you have a device with Touch ID? Then you can press the home button twice instead. Set up the feature as follows.

Open Settings on your iPhone and tap Accessibility. Then tap Touch and make sure Reachability is turned on. Once activated, you can tap the top half of your screen to go back to normal mode. Even if you do nothing, the screen automatically goes back to its original mode. Just as convenient as on Android, in other words.

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