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Android and iOS: these were the best-selling smartphones of 2022

It’s a battle as old as the road from Rome: iPhone versus Android. Both giants have had a banner year, but which one actually won it? Recent research gives you the answer!

A report by Counterpoint Research, a data analyst firm, shows that one of the two manufacturers stands out with flying colors. In fact, among the top ten best-selling models worldwide are eight models of the iPhone. Samsung (Android) holds the remaining two. So we can say with certainty that iOS is the big winner.

These Android and iPhone models sold the best in 2022

At the top of the list of best-selling models is the iPhone 13, which was released in September 2021. The model accounted for about 28 percent of iPhone sales for 2022. According to Counterpoint Research, the price cut following the launch of the iPhone 14 series contributed significantly to this. This made it a lot more attractive to purchase the smartphone. The model sold twice as much as the runner-up, the 13 Pro Max, and much more than the first Android in the list.

Right behind the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the 14 Pro Max. Other iPhone models found in the list are, in chronological order, the 13 Pro, 12, 14 and 14 Pro and the iPhone SE. Interestingly, this is the first year in which a Pro Max model sold more than its standard Pro and base models.

See the entire top 10 here

Best-selling smartphone models 2022Best-selling iPhone and Android models of 2022! (Image: Counterpoint Research)

This is what 2023 looks like

For 2023, Counterpoint Research predicts that these top 10 will become even more important to see what kind of market share Android and iOS have. As companies offer fewer models than in previous years, it becomes increasingly important that these devices sell well. For example, the number of active smartphone models in the global market has already dropped from more than 4,200 in 2021 to about 3,600 in 2022.

Apple already has a new addition for this year. Namely, the iPhone 14 recently became available in a very special color. You can read all about it in the article below!

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