1677299837 Android picks up one of popular iPhone apps with LumaFusion

Android picks up one of popular iPhone apps with LumaFusion

It has been hinted at (and thus looked forward to) but there it is: LumaFusion on Android. The incredibly popular video editor is now available not only on iPhone and iPad, but now on Android as well.

LumaTouch’s app is now also available on other operating systems. Not wrong, LumaFusion was the best iPad app of the year in 2021 according to WANT.

LumaFusion besides iPhone also on Android, what can it do?

LumaFusion’s app had been available on Android and ChromeOS since October last year, but now the app is really fully out. You can simply download LumaFusion from the Google Play Store after a one-time payment of 28 euros. If you bought the beta before, you now get the full version for free.

The Android app works identically to the versions on iPhone and iPad in every way, and looks exactly the same. In general, LumaFusion lets you use six tracks with video and six with audio. On powerful tablets, on the other hand, this can be more.

You also get access to a number of Special Effects options such as greenscreens and chroma-keying (where you remove a green screen and convert it to a different background). In addition, there is an audio editor in LumaFusion to balance your sound perfectly. And also quite handy: you can determine the frame rate, quality and resolution when sharing your files. Great that Android users can now take advantage of this and do not have to have an iPhone or iPad.

LumaFusion, Android, iPhoneLooks like a solid editor. And then on your phone! (Image: LumaTouch)

Same car, new engine

So even though the Android version of LumaFusion looks and works exactly like the version on an iPhone, the two are quite different under the hood. To get LumaFusion to Android, the app was completely rebuilt for this new system. It would have taken the team a long time to transfer the “distinctive shape of the app to Android.”

For example, implementing the multiple video and audio tracks proved to be quite a challenge, LumaTouch let us know. In contrast, the company praises the collaboration with Android and ChromeOS, stating that both developers were able to learn from each other.

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