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Apple announces iPhone 14 soon (and this is what you can expect)

It’s an open secret that the iPhone 14 is coming out soon. We tell you exactly what to expect from the device presentation. So you won’t have any surprises during the Apple event.

The closer we get to the presentation of the new iPhone 14, the more information about the device comes out. We list the most important things for you so you don’t have to miss a thing.

When will the iPhone 14 be presented?

Actually, the second Tuesday in September is the standard when it comes to the iPhone presentation. Still, sometimes the dates can be pushed around. For example, we saw the 12 later than usual because of corona. For the iPhone 14, there may also be a different release date than we are used to. It would not surprise us if it comes a week earlier than expected. So instead of September 13, it may already be on September 6. Apple is already working on the recordings of the presentation earlier than usual. So keep the date secretly free in your calendar!

Which models are coming?

This year’s iPhone 14 lineup will likely look a little different than those of previous years. The iPhone mini is going to disappear and be swapped out for a Max model. That means that that phone will have the same specs as the regular version, but will have a slightly larger screen. Besides the regular 14 and the Max, there will also be a Pro and Pro Max version. Of course, you know these models from previous years and need no further explanation.

iPhone 14The mini makes room for the Max (Image: Weibo)

What’s really going to be different about the iPhone 14?

Really big changes to the iPhone 14 we won’t see. Still, there are some things that will be slightly different. The design is largely the same. However, the front screen does appear to look slightly different. For example, the notch is rumored to be replaced by a punchhole for the selfie camera and a pill-shaped notch for Face ID. In addition, Apple will probably use an always-on display for the first time. That is a screen that is always on.

On the back, the Pro models will likely get slightly larger cameras for even better photos. In addition, the Pro versions will also have the new A16 chip. The regular versions will have to make do with the A15 processor that we already know from the iPhone 13 models.

What else can we expect during the launch event?

In addition to the iPhone 14, Apple is likely to come out with a number of other products during the special launch event. One we’re pretty sure of is the Apple Watch Series 8. As with the iPhone, the smartwatch also gets a new model every year. Still, we can expect surprises in this area. For example, there are rumors of an Apple Watch SE and a Pro version. The SE will be a cheaper model. The Pro, which has to be able to withstand rough handling, will be considerably more expensive. Rumors talk about a starting price of $900.

Regularly during the traditional iPhone launch a new iPad also comes along. So it could just be that a tenth generation iPad is coming along. Just as much of a tradition as the iPhone launch are the rumors of new AirPods Pro. Will these actually come along? There are no direct indications of this, but it just might!

iphone 14 prototypeA prototype (Image: Unbox Therapy)

Do you have questions about the iPhone 14? Let us know in the comments. We may be able to answer them for you in a special article!

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