Apple gives your iPhone a new way to charge but

Apple gives your iPhone a new way to charge, but what is it?

Charging your smartphone at the end of the day – or sometimes in the middle of the day – is a habit that even iPhone owners cannot get away from. While it costs relatively little to power the device, it does impact the environment. But with iOS 16.1 on board, you may be able to reduce that impact.

When we use products in our society, it impacts the environment in some way. We can reduce that impact in many ways, but getting rid of it completely is not possible. With a new option within iOS 16.1, you can at least slightly reduce your carbon footprint.

Charging your iPhone just a little differently

You can do that by charging your iPhone just a little differently, using Clean Energy Charging. This feature was previously presented, but now Apple has published a support document that further highlights the option.

What exactly can you do with this method of charging and how does it work?

Iphone 14 modelsThe 14 with its big brother. (Image: Mark Hofman/WANT)

When you activate the feature, your iPhone checks to see if low-carbon electricity is available. If so, it charges your phone with that.

Unfortunately, this functionality is only available in the United States for now; it is unclear when it will come to the Netherlands.

What do you need for this?

To get the feature working, you need to turn on a variety of options on your iPhone, including location services. By the way, the option is on by default. If you don’t like it, you have to turn it off manually within the battery settings. Anyway, here in the Netherlands we don’t have to deal with it yet, so.

Good to know in advance: this functionality works together with the optimal way of charging. So with this feature active, your iPhone can still take your habits into account. If you are in a different place or charging at an unusual time, the phone will just charge itself as needed.

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