Apple saved users 15 billion with App Store

Apple saved users $1.5 billion with App Store

Apple uses tools to prevent App Store users from falling for malicious practices by untrustworthy developers. The company managed to stop more than 1.6 million risky and untrustworthy apps from running their course in the digital store. This saves users of the download store a lot of trouble.

That misery can be expressed in money, of course. The amount that Apple puts on it is almost 1.5 billion dollars. The company let this be known in a recently published press release, in which it discusses the fraudulent ways of working. The data presented by the manufacturer comes from its own research.

Apple prevents a lot of misery

Using its own tools, Apple discovered more than 34,000 apps in 2021, for example, that had hidden features. These were therefore not given a place in the download store. The iPhone maker saw that developers delivered 157,000 spam or fake apps. Furthermore, the company blocked 343,000 apps because of violations of privacy policy.

Apple App StoreFigures from the App Store (Image: Apple)

In addition, 800,000 fraudulent developer accounts had to go down. Some 155,000 apps were later removed because developers changed the functionality afterwards. Apple also blocked 63,500 illegal apps and some 3.3 million apps that arrived via the Enterprise Developer Program disappeared.

It’s not just the developers

The focus now is mostly on developers, or the source of apps. But the company deleted 170 million consumer accounts. It also managed to prevent users from creating 118 million such fraudulent accounts. So scammers are trying to catch people in different ways.

Finally, Apple blocked some 94 million reviews and more than 170 million ratings that did not meet its standards. Apple also made sure that 3.3 million stolen payment cards could not be used elsewhere. Further, it banned some 160,000 more accounts, which could no longer make transactions.

Apple emphasizes that the App Store is often designated as a safe haven by third parties. The company is doing everything it can to keep that place safe.

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