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Bad photos easily prevented by disabling iPhone feature

Taking photos with your iPhone is an absolute pleasure. Especially the latest generations take beautiful photos, thanks in part to automatic image processing. But there is a feature that may actually make for worse photos. Here’s how to turn that feature off.

You would almost call yourself professional when you take photos and look back at them on your iPhone. As such, there are countless handy tricks that make your photos look even more brilliant. Still, there are some photo options that you (might) be better off turning off. This is one of them.

Choosing fast or better on your iPhone

One such option is to take multiple photos quickly with your iPhone. This is incredibly useful if you want to photograph action-packed moments such as sports, for example.

However, that feature often has a downside. Because your camera is shooting so fast, it also has less time to process the photo.

Fast shooting is on by default, but is easy to turn off on your iPhone. To do so, go to Settings and then choose Camera. By the way, it takes some scrolling, as Apple still does not prioritize the Camera settings. Once found, you’ll see the Prioritize faster shooting option here, and turn it off.

Time to upgrade?

If you can’t find this option, chances are you have an older phone or operating system. According to Apple, the option is only available on iPhone XS/XR and younger and iOS 14 and higher.

iphone, camera (Image: Apple)

You need to either update the software or buy a new iPhone to take advantage of “Prioritize Faster Shooting. Remember, you can greatly improve your photography skills by gaining experience and using the right settings. But for that, you also need great hardware. Older iPhones or older iOS software can get in the way of this.

If you need more tips to improve photography with your iPhone, you can find them here and here.

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