Dark green iPhone 13 leaked days before Apple presentation

Dark green iPhone 13 leaked days before Apple presentation

Tomorrow is the day: the first Apple event of the year. Now something seems to have leaked already: a dark green iPhone 13.

Apple is holding an event tomorrow night called Peek Performance. Although we already have a small idea of what exactly will be presented, Apple, as usual, keeps its jaws tightly shut. Today something has leaked out that we did not see coming, but which is in line with last year. Then a purple iPhone 12 was released around the same time. This year it seems to be the turn of a dark green iPhone 13.

A dark green iPhone 13

At least, if we are to believe the reporting of YouTuber Luke Miani. His track record is mixed. Sometimes he’s right, but regularly he’s also wrong. As mentioned earlier, it does seem to be in line with last year and yet green is not entirely new to the iPhone.

The iPhone 11 Pro came out in 2020 in the color Midnight Green and the regular 12 had mint green as an option. With the 12, we didn’t see the color green at all. The color that is now leaked is a darker shade of green than that of the 11 Pro.

Other than the color, the rest is all the same compared to the iPhone 13. So that means the A15 bionic Chip and the same dual-camera. The iPhone 13 is now available in Starlight, Midnight, blue, pink and red.

What else can we expect?

In addition to the dark green iPhone 13, tomorrow we are likely to see the iPhone SE (2022), a new iPad Air. According to the YouTuber, there will also be a purple version in stores. In addition, there are also rumors of some other products such as a Mac Mini and other desktop computers. According to the usually well-informed Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, there will also be a new monitor and a smaller Mac Pro or an iMac Pro.

Whether Everything comes true, we’ll see on Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00 pm. Then the Apple event will be broadcasted. As always, we’ll be reporting on it so you don’t have to miss a thing.