Everything we know so far about Apple’s iPhone 16

There is one model that many Apple enthusiasts can no longer wait for: the iPhone 16. Although Apple is secretly working on the new device, the rumor mill is running overtime.

Apple also plans to release quite a few new models in 2024. For example, we can probably enjoy new AirPods, as well as the spectacular Vision Pro.

The iPhone 16 is, of course, also on the agenda. Apple’s latest smartphone seems to be a special device. We take you through the most important rumors.

How many versions of the iPhone 16 will appear?

The new iPhone will appear in four different versions. There are rumors that an Ultra version will appear, but whether it will actually come remains to be seen. Chances are that the models below will be the 2024 lineup.

iPhone 16
iPhone 16 Plus
iPhone 16 Pro
iPhone 16 Pro Max

Bigger screen and battery

The new device, compared to its predecessor, is getting a big growth spurt. According to rumors, the Pro and Pro Max will get a larger screen than the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Pro is expected to get a 6.27-inch (159.31 mm) screen and the iPhone 16 Pro Max a 6.85-inch (174.06 mm) screen.

Not only is the screen getting bigger, but the battery is also growing. It is rumored to be 5 percent larger than the iPhone 15, and the standard model and the Pro will feature this hefty battery. The iPhone 16 Plus’ battery, on the other hand, will be 9 percent smaller.

Well a bigger or smaller battery doesn’t necessarily mean more battery life. But Apple does aim for slightly fewer recharges. The iPhone 16 is expected to get “the longest battery life ever” thanks to the new A18 chip and, in the case of the Pro (Max), the A18 Pro chip. This processor is more energy-efficient, which means you’ll likely be less likely to need to charge your smartphone.

New, mysterious button

Apple’s new smartphone will also get a new button. Apple is rumored to be working on a button called the Capture Button. We don’t know exactly what this button does yet, but it seems to have something to do with the iPhone 16 Pro’s camera.

In addition, the buttons will be “solid state. That means you can’t press them, but feel a vibration when you touch it. That way you’ll still know you’ve activated the button. The buttons are controlled by a new energy-efficient chip, which ensures that the buttons can be used even when the device is completely turned off.

The iPhone 16’s camera.

The iPhone 15 has a wonderful camera that can shoot the most beautiful snapshots. One drawback: the camera has quite a bulge on the back. This is annoying when you put the smartphone on the back.

Apple is going to solve that problem with the iPhone 16. Earlier we wrote that the new device will likely get a vertical camera setup, the first since the iPhone 12. This choice was made to enable spatial video for the Apple Vision Pro. Apple wants every new model to have this feature, so you can expect spatial video on the 16 as well.

(image: MacRumors)

When can you expect the new device?

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 16 models will be announced around September 2024. After the launch, they will appear in stores the same month.

Sometimes different versions do not appear at the same time, but one or two models come a few weeks later. This could happen, for example, with the iPhone 16 Ultra, which is not yet certain to arrive.

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