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Extreme security on your iPhone thanks to the new Lockdown Mode

With iOS 16, the iPhone gets access to a special, secure mode called Lockdown Mode. The feature will also come but iPadOS and macOS. Apple lets us know that this mode is meant for a small group of people who need to be protected. In particular, these are people who have to deal with (the high risk of) cyber attacks.

In particular, these are journalists, government employees, and activists. These are people who are mostly targeted by spyware, because of the role they play in society. Lockdown Mode is available in the third beta of iOS 16, as well as iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. The main platforms, that is.

iPhone gets Lockdown Mode

Later this year, when the aforementioned software upgrades are available, Lockdown Mode can be activated by anyone. So although Apple has a certain target audience in mind, Jan with a hat can also turn it on. You activate the mode, at any time, via the privacy options. You can also always turn it off yourself.

The Lockdown Mode for the iPhoneThe Lockdown Mode for the iPhone (Image: Apple)

Once turned on, Lockdown Mode on your iPhone offers an “extreme form” of security. Certain apps then no longer work or only work to a limited extent. Within the Messages app, you can only download photos and preview links no longer work. FaceTime conversations with people you do not know are also automatically blocked by the system.

Top-level protection layer

In addition, you will also no longer receive invitations from people on other Apple services if you don’t know them. Some web technologies, such as JavaScript compilations, also no longer work unless you have an exception set. This restriction works with Safari and all other browsers that use WebKit as their base.

Shared albums disappear from the photo app and devices connected by a cable disconnect. Also, you cannot add a device to a mobile device management system. In the future, Apple will add more features to Lockdown Mode. Finally, the company is setting up a Security Bounty program, which rewards researchers when they help Apple improve its systems in terms of security.

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