First foldable iPhone is a reality but its not coming.webp

First foldable iPhone is a reality, but it’s not coming from Apple

The foldable iPhone is a fun, theoretical device to discuss. Do we need one? What will it look like? And will Apple ever make one of its own? The answer to the second question has now been answered by a Chinese YouTuber, who took matters into his own hands. You can see the result in his video.

The Chinese YouTuber, with the channel named 科技美学 (Technological Aesthetics, according to Google Translate), did his best to answer the question of what a foldable iPhone might look like. You don’t need much imagination to do that. After all, one takes an iPhone and folds it in half, but where’s the fun in that? Some things are more fun when you put more effort into them.

YouTuber makes foldable iPhone

And if we can say anything, it’s that this Chinese YouTuber has made an effort. For one thing, the man has crammed the internal components of an iPhone X into the chassis of a foldable Motorola Razr. That results in the product below, which Technological Aesthetics renamed the iPhone V.

Although the above video is entirely in Chinese, that need not be a problem. YouTube can translate the video directly for you, allowing you to fully follow the man in the video. If you have a little interest in technology and smartphones, then the seventeen minutes in this video may appeal to you.

Everything just works too

Sometimes you have those videographers who then create a dummy or prototype. A device that does not work (fully). But the iPhone V by Technological Aesthetics just works like a normal iPhone should. The iPhone V runs on iOS and actually has a bendable screen.

Meanwhile, rumors do buzz about an official iPhone that you can fold. Apple is said to have several prototypes ready by now, but none of the models meet the company’s high standards. Therefore, it will be some time before Apple comes up with this itself.

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