First iPhone shows how ridiculously rich you can get if

First iPhone shows how ridiculously rich you can get if you save some

The very first iPhone will soon go under the hammer at an auction company. And the way it looks now, the owner is going to earn big bucks from it. Grandma used to say: he who keeps something, has something. Some people turn that kind of wise saying into a sport, making a lot of money.

How much money is involved here, regarding the auction of the first iPhone? In any case, probably thirty thousand dollars (and also about euro, that is). This is a sealed version of the 8GB model that appeared on the market in 2007. The value is determined in part by the fact that the plastic is still around it.

The first iPhone under the hammer

That plastic can be very important to collectors. We see that in other markets, too. Video games increase tremendously in value when they have never been opened, for example. Especially when they are also still in the original shipping box and thus never came out of the box at all from the manufacturer.

The first iPhoneThe first iPhone under the hammer (Image: LCG Auctions)

So the auction house that is now putting the first iPhone under the hammer thinks that this package is worth thirty thousand dollars. However, that amount has not yet been bid for it. The starting bid started at $2,500 and now the counter stands at just over ten thousand dollars. Not a bad amount either, of course.

What did that one cost again?

Because back then, of course, the first iPhone was not that expensive. In the United States in 2007, you put down from $500 to $600. Should the first iPhone sell for “only” ten thousand dollars, it will go for almost seventeen times over. Surely that’s an excellent investment, if you ask us.

And just for funsies: suppose someone plops down thirty thousand dollars for this (which is entirely anyone’s choice), what else could that person have bought? Fifteen Mac Studios, eighteen Studio Displays, 22 new MacBook Air models, 27 iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphones… need we go on?

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