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Five genius tips to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S22

You just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S22. Great fun, but you probably don’t know everything about the amazing smartphone yet. After all, there’s a lot more to get out of the device than meets the eye.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 not only has a beautiful screen with sleek performance, but also offers an incredible software ecosystem with plenty of customization options. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at what options you have with this smartphone.

Make the Samsung Galaxy S22 even better with help from these tips

Find out how to get the most out of your shiny new phone with help from our tips. Don’t worry, even for digibats, these options are easy to set up.

1. Enable Bixby routines.

Routines are not new to the Galaxy S22. But if you haven’t tried them before, now is the appropriate time. They are activated automatically and make your online life a lot easier. You easily set up Samsung’s routines by navigating to the SmartThings settings and clicking on the “automations” category. Here you’ll find several options listed below. The Going Out routine is a great one to start with. The feature lets you set your SmartThings devices to turn off or dim as soon as you leave home.

Bixby routinesEnable this panel (Image: Android Police/Edit: WANT)

2. Personalize the accent color of your Samsung Galaxy S22.

Want your Galaxy S22 to look even better? Then customize the colors of the home screen. Samsung gives you the option to choose from different color palettes that are carried through to the background and some icons. The option creates a clean and consistent look within a few clicks. First, hold down your finger on the home screen and choose “background and style. Then tap on the color palette and create and choose a color combination you like.

Accent color Samsung Galaxy S22This is how you customize the accent color of your smartphone (Image: Android Police/Edit: WANT)

3. Change the arrangement of the Quick Settings panel.

You’re probably familiar with Samsung’s quick settings. For those who didn’t already know, quick settings is a panel that you expand by swiping down. The feature allows you to easily and quickly turn various options on and off via icons. The disadvantage of this feature is that there is no room for all settings, so there is a good chance that you miss something. Fortunately, you can easily adjust this. First, open the quick settings and click on the plus icon. A panel of available icons will appear. Drag the icon you want to the quick settings and click ready. It is also possible to remove settings that are already in the quick panel by swiping them back.

4. Make use of Edge panels.

Edge Panels have been around since the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but have been greatly improved since then. The feature no longer spills over into the deflected edge, so you no longer have to worry about a distorted icons. Nevertheless, many users tend to neglect the Edge panel. It certainly can’t hurt to give the feature a try. Thanks to Edge Panels, you can navigate to your favorite apps without having to open the home screen. There are also a number of other delightful Edge features, including a list of shortcuts for frequently used contacts and Smart select for taking screenshots or GIFs.

Check out the different Edge options here

5. Keep the screen on as long as possible

When reading eBooks or watching a movie, the last thing you want is for the screen to unexpectedly fail. Samsung has come up with something for that. With the help of the “screen on while displaying” function, the screen always stays on as long as you look at it. The feature detects your face via the front camera and turns off the screen when you’re done looking. You set the function by navigating to “advanced features”. Then select ‘gestures and movements’ and enable the option ‘screen on while viewing’. Note: the feature is a great outcome, but is not the very beneficial for your battery. Your battery is likely to run down faster and weaken in the long run. So use screen on during playback moderately.

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