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Five reasons to trade in your iPhone for a Samsung smartphone

Apple and Samsung are the two biggest smartphone brands in the world, but they are anything but the same. The giants differ in almost every respect. For example, Apple prioritizes simplicity, while Samsung focuses on versatility.

Both brands have their advantages and disadvantages. Yet there are a few areas where Samsung clearly excels compared to iPhones. We’ve listed five of them for you.

Five reasons why it’s better to buy a smartphone from Samsung

Say goodbye to your iPhone soon, because Samsung is the brand you want in your home. From charging capabilities, to a lightning-fast keyboard, you won’t want to miss these delightful Galaxy features. Are you going to make the switch?

1. Versatile cameras.

Galaxy smartphones have more versatile cameras compared to iPhones. For example, Sammobile’s test showed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera is much more versatile than that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a better tele-camera and ultrawide cameras. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has only widened this gap. Samsung smartphones also have a full-fledged Pro mode and Directors View specifically for professionals. Newer phones even come with a dedicated RAW Camera app for even better camera control.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Android40 megapixels, clean on the hook! (Image: Samsung)

2. Better file management

Although iPhones have a built-in file app, Galaxy phones offer much better file management. You can easily connect external hard drives or even cloud storage services with help from the built-in file manager. In addition, a Samsung smartphone allows you to move and rename files much more easily. You can get this done in just a few seconds.

3. Samsung can multitask better

It’s terrible to download files or app data on an iPhone while using another app. For example, the Spotify app stops downloading music after only a few seconds when you switch to another app. So using two apps at once on an iPhone is not doable. On a Samsung smartphone this is a lot easier. You have many more options. For example, you can split the screen of your Galaxy phone and use two apps side by side. There is even room to open a third app on a floating window. What more could you want?

4. Better typing performance

The keyboard on the iPhone used to be faster. Unfortunately, Apple has now been overtaken by Samsung. Galaxy keyboards have more layout options, are more responsive and have better autocorrect. With One UI 4.1, Samsung has even added language suggestions through a Grammarly integration. The iPhone’s standard keyboard is a lot slower and makes mistakes faster. Although you can download third-party keyboards on an iPhone, the experience just doesn’t win over a Galaxy smartphone.

Grammarly on keyboardThis is how you easily filter out mistakes. (Image: Grammarly)

5. Charging

The iPhone has never been a star at charging, while Samsung excels at it. Most Galaxy phones fully charge in about an hour. An iPhone’s charging time takes at least 50 percent longer. In addition, Samsung smartphones have a USB C charging port. That’s a lot easier to find than the iPhone’s Lightning cable. You can use the exact same cable for your earbuds, laptop and other accessories. That saves you a lot of money on chargers!

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