Five things you should do right away once iOS 16

Five things you should do right away once iOS 16 is on your iPhone

Since this week, it is possible to install iOS 16 on your iPhone. With this update, Apple brings an awful lot of new features to your smartphone. So many that you might lose track a bit.

So the big question is also: where should you start on your first day with iOS 16? We list five features that are immediately worth trying.

Apple’s iOS 16: five delicious iPhone features

If you have no idea how to put iOS 16 on your iPhone, then it’s smart to read this article first. We not only give you a concise summary of exactly what the update has to offer, but also how to install it.

Did you succeed? Then these features Apple is bringing to your smartphone are immediately worth trying.

#1 New access screen on your iPhone

The biggest change on your iPhone is, of course, the access screen. iOS 16 allows you, finally, to set it up completely to your liking. The time font, different widgets and an overflowing background: it can all be controlled. It is therefore recommended that you set it up right away.

To customize the access screen, after unlocking your iPhone, hold down the screen for a long time. You then get the opportunity to choose different backgrounds. Apple dishes out a few of its own, but of course you can also use your own photos.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

Next, select the time to change its font. In addition, you also have the option to set its colors completely to your liking.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

Finally, choose some widgets you want to add. By the way, keep in mind that the overlap between the background and time disappears as soon as you set it.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

#2 iOS 16: set Focus Filters

Apple is making it possible in iOS 16 to set Focus Filters. It’s a new way to keep notifications, at certain times of the day, silent. For example, in apps like Messages, Safari and Mail, it is possible to open only work-related items. Think business inboxes, contacts and tabs.

These filters can be set within Settings -> Focus -> Work/Personal. Currently, it only works with Apple’s own applications, but that will change. The company has developed an API for developers so that third-party apps can also be provided.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

#3 Focus linking with your iPhone access screen

Speaking of Focus, iOS 16 allows you to link the access screen with the feature. With iOS 15 it was already possible to link the home screen with a special mode, but now you can thus also link the access screen. Useful with regard to different widgets, for example.

To get this done, on your iPhone press the access screen and select the Focus option. Then select one of the various modes created to activate it.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

#4 iOS 16: lots of new iMessage features

It took a while, but you can finally edit messages in iMessage since iOS 16. Up to fifteen minutes after sending a message, it is possible to change the content. By the way, the recipient will see that this has happened and must also be equipped with the operating system.

To edit a message, hold it down and choose Edit.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

Got it all tied up and want to delete a message? That’s now possible on your iPhone. That’s because with iOS 16, Apple gives you the Undo Send option.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

Keep in mind, however, that any editing or deletion will only be visible to you if the receiving party still has iOS 15.

#5 Medication in Apple’s Health app

Apple’s Health app is now also the place to keep track of your medications. Within iOS 16, it is possible to record all your medications on your iPhone. The beauty of it is that not only do you keep track of all the things you throw in, but you also get notifications of when to do so.

In terms of security, by the way, the new iOS 16 feature is also very nice. You can monitor dangerous combinations through it, for example. As soon as you take two different medications that combine to cause health problems, your iPhone will notify you.

To record medication, on your iPhone, go to Health -> Data -> Medication.

Apple, iPhone, iOS 16(Image: Apple)

Apple offers more than iOS 16 alone

In addition to iOS 16, Apple is giving you even more this week. In addition to the iPhone, the American company is also providing the Apple Watch with new features and improvements.

Wondering how to install that operating system? You can read it in the article below!

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