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Good news for anyone trying to buy an iPhone 14 Pro

Buying an iPhone 14 Pro has not been very easy over the past few months. At least, let’s just say that especially your patience was tested when buying. Delivery times, due to extreme demand and low supply, were incredibly long.

Apple now seems to have completely caught up with that backlog. So good news for anyone looking forward to living with the brand new iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple is catching up with iPhone 14 Pro

It took a long time, but Apple is catching up with the iPhone 14 Pro delivery backlog. In fact, stock is such that wait times have been completely restored. It is possible to order the top model through the official website and get it delivered the very next day.

This has everything to do with the fact that the covid-19 measures in China have been lifted. Because of the lockdown, production ran into trouble and Foxconn, the manufacturer in the country, fell behind schedule. Since November, however, the factories have reopened and have been working like crazy to catch up.

iPhone 14 Pro screen AndroidLike a Pro. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Good news for you, the consumer, then. The iPhone 14 Pro will be home the next day when you order it. And that’s pretty nice.

Problems in China

The curve, however, is that for the employees at the Foxconn factory, it is anything but palatable. Late last year, they already took to the streets to protest the inhumane situation they found themselves in because of the covid-19 measures and decisions made by their company.

The situation got so out of hand at the time that employees went on a rampage with local authorities. Apple CEO Tim Cook remained remarkably quiet, trying to pull production out of China behind the scenes, but thus now leaning on factories from the country.

So while it’s nice to have your iPhone 14 Pro in your home sooner, it seems to be anything but nice work for the employees from those factories. Indeed, there seems to be very little chance that the situation has turned 180 degrees in the past two months.

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