1678597798 Google Meet turns your room into a tropical beach on

Google Meet turns your room into a tropical beach on Android

Since the corona virus outbreak, people have been home to work more often. If there was a meeting then, it was done digitally. For example with Google Meet on Android. And let’s face it: we could have made better backgrounds ánd cleaned up our house a bit. That is no longer necessary thanks to Google 360.

Because of this gigantic increase in the use of these programs, they have been expanded quite a bit with new snazzy, features. Anything to make your platform as attractive as possible, right? Although we’re back in the office more often now, Google is introducing yet another fresh feature. And to make us excited about it? Perhaps. Nice to pretend we’re in Hawaii, though.

Google Meet takes you to new Android worlds. Sort of.

You can now turn on 360-degree backgrounds in Google Meet. Virtual backgrounds have become pretty much standard over the past few years, but on Google’s platform, the images actually move with you.

So ideal if you want to briefly hide the *ahem* slightly chaotic state of the room you’re calling from.

It is currently not yet possible to upload your own 360-degree backgrounds. Google has ready a beach and a temple, among others, so at least you can still create the illusion of being on vacation when using the program on Android.

What’s the point?

It remains to be seen how useful this addition actually is. Virtual backgrounds are quite nice, but not an absolute must-have. This moving variant could possibly provide even more distraction.

Google, HawaiiIf only you could sit here during such a morning meeting. *sigh* (Image: M SWIET PRODUCTIONS/Getty Images)

Perfect for just an hour of laughter with your friends on Google Meet so on Android and others. But whether it will be as appreciated during a meeting remains to be seen. That’s why meeting administrators can then turn virtual backgrounds on and off. Pity, but also understandable.

The feature has now rolled out for all Google Meet users on Android or iOS mobile devices. Whether the feature will also come to laptops and computers is not yet known.

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