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Google Pixel 7 has fine camera system, what about the Pixel 8?

If the latest rumors are to be believed, the Google Pixel 8 will get quite a camera upgrade. Not only can we count on a new sensor, there will also be an improved HDR mode. That improved HDR mode is also called staggered HDR. So reports a tipster a Twitter.

That tipster also reveals where the information comes from: the Google Camera Go app. To offer staggered HDR, the Pixel 8 needs a new camera sensor. That may come from Samsung. It would be the Isocell GN2, the successor to the sensor in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 smartphones.

Google Pixel 8 with dedicated HDR mode

For HDR photography, the Google Pixel 7 takes five photos with a short exposure and one photo with a long exposure. You don’t notice any of this; this happens as you take the photo. The camera app then merges the photos together. Staggered HDR takes three photos with small, medium and large exposure and merges those photos as well.

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Google’s 2023 flagship Pixels to include support for staggered HDR -. 🧵 pic.twitter.com/ZfWtwQBykY

– Kuba Wojciechowski⚡ (@Za_Raczke) December 19, 2022

So the difference is in the medium exposure for staggered HDR. That should produce much more detail and more vivid colors, according to Samsung. Meanwhile, the system on your Google Pixel 8 should use up to 24 percent less energy. Also, taking HDR photos this way seems to be much faster.

Speed is important for HDR photography

Since speed is important for HDR photography, that sounds like music to our ears. But to avoid getting too excited about something that seems too good to be worth it, we’ll wait to see the results first. Then again, Google is known for good photo cameras on its own Pixel.

In any case, it looks like the Google Pixel 8 will soon take nicer photos, and do so faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, the new sensor allows the model to take better photos in low light. This is because the pixels are larger. Finally, the autofocus should also work a lot better.