Grandpa and grandma on WhatsApp the 5 best smartphones for

Grandpa and grandma on WhatsApp: the 5 best smartphones for seniors

Some seniors have been using smartphones for years and love the same models as their grandchildren. But if you, or an older family member, are new to the smartphone world it can be difficult to find a suitable phone. Of course, we at WANT will help you with this. So soon your grandpa or grandma can also chat on Whatsapp.

Seniors can of course choose an Android flagship or a premium iPhone. Most are packed with cool features, such as bright screens, big batteries and fast performance that everyone can appreciate. Regardless of age. But actually, features like professional cameras and fast screens are unnecessary for many seniors. Obviously, many seniors have more than enough to do with calling, texting or WhatsApp. For most grandpas and grandmas, a mid-range smartphone is therefore more than sufficient. Then they also save a lot of money with it.

WhatsApp for seniors has never been easier thanks to these smartphones!

If you, or your grandpa or grandma, have poor vision or impaired hearing, now is the perfect time to start looking for a smartphone. Google, Samsung and Apple have all added extra features in recent years to make it as easy as possible for this group to use. For example, you can navigate extremely easily despite limitations or little technical knowledge.

1. Google Pixel 5a

The 6.34-inch screen of the Pixel 5a hits the sweet spot, between compact and uncluttered. The smartphone is big enough for the visually impaired, but not too big to hold. It delivers surprising performance for a relatively inexpensive smartphone. For example, you never have to wait long for an app to open, and you can get six to eight hours of continuous battery life. Also, don’t forget the amazing camera with Google AI. This ensures that photos of the grandchildren are automatically enhanced. Applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook are pre-downloaded and easy to use.

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2. Lively Jitterbug Smart3: WhatsApp is always good to find

The Jitterbug Smart3 has a large 6.22-inch screen, which is much easier to read than that of a small folding phone. Instead of a traditional app-based system, the Smart3 offers a list view of the most important apps a senior citizen needs. This includes calling, texting, camera, Internet, email and WhatsApp. You won’t find any popular games or apps here, but the limited selection keeps the phone from becoming cluttered. The smartphone supports voice-activated typing, especially useful for the elderly. They don’t have to worry about a keyboard that is too small because of this. Best of all, it has a special emergency button on the home screen. When this is pressed, the senior will be in direct contact with emergency services.

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iPhone SE

The SE is perfect for seniors who use hearing aids. The smartphone uses Live Listen. This feature sends sound from the external microphone to an iPhone hearing aid. This provides stronger sound. The sound recognition also alerts on the screen if the smartphone detects an alarm sound. Even while using apps like WhatsApp. We said earlier that iPhones are too expensive for grandpas and grandmas in terms of necessary features. However, the SE is an exception to this. All the benefits of an Apple phone are there, for about a third of the price you’d expect from, say, an iPhone 13.

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4. Samsung A53

All Samsung smartphones have a unique “Easy Mode feature” that other Android phones lack. When active, you get larger icons on the screen, longer touch response to prevent unintended actions and a high contrast keyboard for better readability. The most important apps, such as calling, texting and WhatsApp, appear large on the home screen and you can add important contacts to the main menu. Like iPhones, Samsung smartphones also offer a number of supports for seniors. For example, the smartphones have support for hearing aids, a screen reader that describes what is on the screen, and font size or color adjustments. With that in mind, the Galaxy A53 is the best-priced Samsung phone for seniors.

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5. Lively Jitterbug Flip2

Let’s face it. When you think of a smartphone for the elderly, the first thing that comes to mind is a flip phone and not a smartphone. There’s a good reason for that. After all, folding phones give you physical, simple keyboards that make it a lot easier to navigate menus. The Flip2 is excellent for seniors thanks to some nifty design choices. For example, on the inside of the phone you have large, clickable buttons, an arrow pad to navigate the screen and an emergency button at the bottom to call for help. While the Flip2 is certainly not a smartphone, it comes with built-in Amazon Alexa support. The smartphone also has a usable 8MP camera, a flashlight and a magnifying glass feature. Just remember that the phone does not support video messaging. WhatsApping on this phone will also be a tad tricky. All in all, the Flip2 can definitely be called a senior phone.

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