Here’s how to make your iPhone vibrate only while making a call

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You basically have two types of people with smartphones. One has all the iPhone’s sounds on, while the other has everything set to vibrate. But how do you make sure you keep hearing or feeling your iPhone?

Putting your iPhone on vibrate has a big advantage. No one will hear you when you call. Ideal if, for example, you are somewhere where it is not so appreciated to answer your phone, think of the theater or the library.

How do I make my iPhone vibrate?

Putting your iPhone on vibrate mode is not difficult at all. All you have to do is push the mute slide that sits above the volume buttons to the left. You will then see an orange border pop up on the other side.

The nice thing about silent mode on your iPhone is that you can still hear certain notifications as normal. For example, the alarm clock does play, as do timers. Music and sounds during videos can also be heard.

Here’s how to set your own vibrator

Through the menu of your iPhone you can choose from different vibration signals. These can be set differently for each type of notification. For example, during an incoming call you choose a different vibration than when you receive an e-mail, for example.

To adjust this, first go to Settings and then to Hear and Feel. There you will find all options related to ringtones, sounds and tactile patterns. You can also easily turn the ringer up or down there.

A call on the Dynamic Island. (Image: Apple)

Would you prefer your iPhone to vibrate when you receive an incoming call? Then go to Ringtone. Once you’ve opened this option, you’ll see Feel at the top. Here you can adjust the vibration signal.

In total, you have a choice of eight different vibration signals. It is even possible to create your own vibration. That way, when you receive a call, your iPhone vibrates exactly how you want it to.

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