How Google wants to make transferring iPhone photos to Android

How Google wants to make transferring iPhone photos to Android easier

Google plans to make life easier for consumers who want to switch from iOS to Android. The company has been working since last year on a dedicated application for iPhone users that will allow data to be transferred quickly.

At the time, it was announced that Google’s iOS app could only transfer a few things. Think contacts, messages and applications. A new version, discovered by 9to5Google, adds to that.

Google makes iOS to Android easier

The first version of Switch to Android certainly looked interesting, but it had one big problem. The iCloud data was not carried over from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. This would therefore allow consumers to transfer certain things, but missed most of it. A new version of the app could change that. This is made clear by an updated version of the Data Transfer Tool. There, according to the folks at 9to5Google, is more information about the upcoming app.

Tim Cook iPhone 13 AppleTim already sees it all (Image: Apple/AFP)

So it becomes clear that iCloud and Google Photos will work better together. Taking your photos and videos with you, which is still a reasonable struggle at the moment, will become easier as a result. As soon as you use the Switch to Android app on your iPhone, the photos from iCloud are synchronized with Google Photos.

More in May?

So in theory, the connection between Android and iOS should get better, although the Switch to Android app is still a long way off. There’s certainly a chance we’ll hear about it during Google I/O. This year’s event will take place on May 11 and 12 entirely online.

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