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How much it costs you per year, month and day to charge your iPhone

No matter how many features Apple puts on it every year, charging the battery is still a daily thing for iPhone users. Especially for those with the brand new iPhone 14 Pro and Always-on display. But how much does this actually cost you per year, day and hour?

Given high energy prices, saving your battery is perhaps more important than ever before. After all, it can save you quite a bit of money on an annual basis. Or is that all not so bad? OMT editor Mark Hofman doesn’t really know either, so he took it to the test.

How much it costs you to charge your iPhone

I’ll come straight to the point: charging your iPhone will cost you about 2.70 euros per year on average in the Netherlands. Of course, not every consumer charges their phone daily and there are different chargers you can do it with. That’s why I’m talking about the average.

To arrive at this amount, I used an iPhone 14 Pro. The smartphone has a 3200mAh battery, which converts to 12.8Wh. So that’s the consumption you have per full charge.

iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple🔋 (Image: Mark Hofman/OMT)

Given that in my example I charge the iPhone daily, this consumption must be done times 365 days. You then arrive at a consumption of 4672Wh. In the Netherlands, the energy price is calculated per kilowatt hour (kWh), which simply means you have to do the number of watts divided by a thousand. So per year you are at a consumption of 4.67kWh.

According to the Consumentenbond, the average price (August 2022) in the Netherlands is 58 cents per kWh. This puts you at an annual amount of 2.70 euros.


How much does it cost per month and per day?

Charging your iPhone will cost you about 23 cents per month and about 0.007 cents per day.

This is how you save battery

An annual fee of 2.70 euros is of course manageable, but your iPhone is not the only device you need to charge. That’s why it’s smart to get as much out of your smartphone’s battery as possible. How exactly do you do that?

I can quickly tell you that now, but in another article I list ten handy tips. Curious about that story? You check it out at the link below:

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