1645123894 How the iPhone 14 Pro is going after the Samsung

How the iPhone 14 Pro is going after the Samsung Galaxy S22

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series has seen the light of day, the fanatics among us can already focus on the iPhone 14 Pro. So they do, as comparisons to Samsung’s new flagship are already being made.

According to sources, the Pro model of the iPhone 14 will go after the Samsung Galaxy S22 this year. Not it in terms of design or battery life, but purely in terms of working memory.

iPhone 14 Pro goes after Samsung Galaxy S22

On the South Korean blog Naver, a post is written from a source we are not familiar with. According to the American website MacRumors, with whom we are familiar, the news is very plausible. So do we.

According to sources within Apple’s suppliers, the iPhone 14 Pro will have the same working memory as the Samsung Galaxy S22. This would mean that, at least in this area, the devices can compete fairly against each other. For you as a consumer, it means that you can take into account an 8GB working memory. An upgrade from the 6GB of RAM that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max currently have.

Samsung Galaxy S22Brothers side by side (Image: Samsung)

Logically, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will get less working memory than the Pro models. Exactly how much this is and whether an upgrade can be expected in this area as well is not yet known. In any case, it will be less working memory than 8GB.

Faster, but less RAM

Looking purely at speed, the iPhone 13 is stronger than the Samsung Galaxy S22. Looking purely at the amount of RAM present, Samsung wins out. Although, of course, the question is what that is good for at the moment if it is not used to the maximum. As with the battery, Apple also has the ability to make the most of the resources present.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max already have more working memory than any iPhone at 6GB. Samsung’s devices have been making do with 8GB of working memory as a minimum since 2019, with a possibility of up to 12GB.

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