How the Nothing Phone 1 is leaving behind even the

How the Nothing Phone (1) is leaving behind even the OnePlus 10 Pro

The Nothing Phone (1) may not look sturdy, but the device survives the rack of a very famous YouTube channel. The device recently passed by in one of JerryRigEverything’s new videos and survived ordeals that the OnePlus 10 Pro struggled with. The Phone (1) is protected by Gorilla Glass 5.

The fact that OnePlus and Nothing are often compared is not by accident. In fact, Nothing was founded by the co-founder of OnePlus: Carl Pei. And since this is the first device from his brand new company, the comparison almost writes itself. So this time there is a review in the test by JerryRigEverything.

Nothing Phone (1) survives the rack

JerryRigEverything’s test includes working on a smartphone with a sharp razor. If you don’t use protection, such as a case or screen protector, it is noticeable that the Nothing Phone (1) scores poorly. The scratches are quickly visible and at some level quite deep.

In addition, Jerry often looks at how a smartphone is flexible. Most smartphones can experience quite a bit of pressure without breaking. The OnePlus 10 Pro broke in two in spectacular fashion during this part. But this does the Nothing Phone (1) quite little all together, the video shows.

You do hear some crackling

It doesn’t do the Nothing Phone (1) nothing after all. Because you do hear crackling here and there, but that makes sense. It is also noticeable that even the LED lighting on the back didn’t give a damn during bending, which is quite remarkable. This seems to us to be a very vulnerable, and therefore fragile, part of the Phone (1).

Perhaps the protective layer of the Gorilla Glass 5 played a role in this. Both the front and back of the device feature this. The device also features an aluminum frame, which also contributes to its solid character.

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